sunset session 9.9.17

I am so thankful that the first legit job as mysweetwilliams photography happens to be this family! It was such a milestone in our lives becoming a busniness and made even more sweet by getting to document these friends.

Four years ago, I had just started getting serious about photography jobs while living in Maryland. We questioned starting a business at the time. Then in 2014 we moved to Ohio with a new nine-month-old and within the year found out we were expecting our fourth! Needless to say, photography was on pause.

So as life has settled after boy number four, we decided to try running a business–enter mysweetwilliams photography. Yay! You just have no idea how long this has been a dream of mine.

However, while photography had been on pause I hadn’t scouted many locations locally. When this family asked me to do their photos I started researching locations for their session. One day I happened to be passing this park on my way home from running errands and decided to stop by. It looked gorgeous so I asked if they would be interested in heading to my neighborhood for their photoshoot.

Not only were they happy to head my way, I learned this was the same park they had frequented on date-nights before they were even married! I knew this had to be the place! How neat to be back in this park with their much larger family all these years later!


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