i’m back

Hello! If there is anyone out there anymore. My last blog post was posted coincidentally a few weeks before our fourth child made his appearance into our lives. At that time I cut out unnecessary tasks from my life as a survival mechanism. It worked! And somehow we survived. And that newest addition is now a precocious little spitfire of a toddler. I need to bring my A-game every day for that one.

Honestly though, my entire family deserves my A-game every day. So while I do hope that 2017 and on I will have more of a presence here and will be involved in more professional work (I’m no longer a hobbyist but a business owner! What!?), I am always striving to find balance between family and this passion for photography that God set ablaze in my heart. Come along with me?

I will be posting personal work and professional work here, but not necessarily in order. I don’t know how I’ll deal with this yet, because I like order. A lot. But I’ve decided this is my space to post what I’m excited about right now. That might be last week’s shoot or maybe photos from years ago that my eyes are seeing fresh for the first time. Remember I have a two year archive during which I haven’t posted :o)

Here are some photos I recently submitted to a few photo contests. I’ve never been chosen before, but I keep putting my work out there. Enjoy!IMG_3085IMG_3084IMG_3086IMG_3087IMG_3088IMG_3089IMG_3082


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