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portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

weeks one and two portraits 2015-0234 weeks one and two portraits 2015-0251 balboa-2

1. Curls

2. Trains and Ninja Turtles

3. Snow Days

So many bloggers are doing this now, I don’t even know where it started initially. It is such a neat way to document the year, children’s growth, and their changing interests in my opinion. I have seen some really awesome projects out there. A couple favorites were Amanda Townsend’s (2014) and Kelli Murray’s (2013). I guess the toughest part of starting this in January is the fact that we dwell indoors for the next two months here in Ohio. Unless we get snow, then we play in that awesome stuff. Here’s hoping we a.) get some more snow soon and b.) that I see this through to the other side!


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