Chief Balboa

Chief Balboa-0439

Remember the one-photoshoot-per-child-per-year I mentioned. This one was definitely my favorite from last year. It all started when the boy was Squanto for a wax museum exhibit at his school. My mom put some awesome fringe on a pair of brown pants and we sacrificed the PERFECT marshmallow roasting stick to make a bow. It was a fun day (maybe more fun for me), and the best part was having one of my best friends here that day (who has also watched this boy grow up on me) while I ran around and did my crazy thing. I wonder how many more of these photoshoots this one will actually cooperate for?

Chief Balboa-0545

Chief Balboa-0470

Chief Balboa-0637

Chief Balboa-0330

Chief Balboa-0532

Chief Balboa-0653

Chief Balboa-0431-2

Chief Balboa-0548

Chief Balboa-0353-2

Chief Balboa-0356

Love eleven-year-old him. His carefree soul and servant’s heart that truly loves the Lord bless me so (in the midst of all that pre-teen boy angst stuff) ;o)



2 thoughts on “Chief Balboa

    1. Thank you friend! I thought he’d be all about it, but turns out he wasnt really the biggest fan, but he’s such a good sport about things and he did it anyway. Next year he gets to pick the theme. If he even lets me take pictures of him ;o) But i will always treasure these. That stage in between boy and man.

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