Boy. Balloons. Birthday.

Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0002

That one time when we had a second birthday bash for baby boy number three, turning one. Confusing, sorry. This was always the vision for the boy’s first birthday photoshoot. The big day came and it was cold, rainy, and he himself was a bit under the weather. So we traded the vision for practical and hung out indoors. A few days later, it was gorgeous, warm, and this magic happened. I took the photos about an hour and a half before dusk one evening in May, and we used golf tees to hold the balloons down (thank you pinterest).

I decided a while back that I would do one photoshoot for each son, on or around their birthday each year, so that  a. I don’t become overwhelmed trying to do too many photoshoots through the year b. they don’t become overwhelmed with too many photoshoots through the year (the woes of photographer children) and c. I could ensure I took professional photos every year to track the boys’ growth and current interests (hopefully I will follow through with printing them). The bonus for me is that I get to be creative with it. I found that by keeping it simple and only focusing on one photoshoot a year, I was more free to take my time with the creative process and vision.

That little boy in jean overalls under our locust tree is the icing on my cake though.

Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0158


Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0205


Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0247

One thing you can always count on: brothers to help you eat your cake.


Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0328

BB I-2

Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0352

Paul Birthday balloons and bubbles-0355

untitled shoot-0535


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