Sweet Faces | Williams Cake Smash

I can’t believe that my last post was nearly a year ago. Okay, actually I can believe that. But, I can’t believe that the little boy who put the mysweetwilliams blog on hold is one! The last year has literally flown by, and I truly believe if I hadn’t been taking pictures all along the way, I would have little recollection of all the life that happened this year.

Throughout this past year/blur of life there have been more times than I am proud to confess in which  I have grumbled for not having much time to do anything other than care for this little ball of energy, his siblings, and their daddy. I mean if it wasn’t 1:00 am and the entire house wasn’t asleep, I wouldn’t even be posting this. But the realization that having a never-ending to-do list only means I am incredibly blessed has given me a renewed strength to serve this family God has blessed me with and has encouraged me to live and enjoy each moment.  Each crazy, unkempt, wanna-pull-my-hair-out moment!

Enjoy this peak into a truly sweet moment in our lives, baby’s first sugar! Cake smash 1 of 2. More balloons and more cake will be forthcoming.

happy III

Paul 1st Birthday-0611

Paul 1st Birthday-0401

happy II

Paul 1st Birthday-0300


Paul 1st Birthday-0286

Paul 1st Birthday-0598

Paul 1st Birthday-0597

Paul 1st Birthday-0583


Paul 1st Birthday-0574

Paul 1st Birthday-0493

Paul 1st Birthday-0567

hard work

Paul 1st Birthday-0490

Paul 1st Birthday-0488

Paul 1st Birthday-0484

Paul 1st Birthday-0480

Paul 1st Birthday-0400 Would you even believe that he was sick? Such a sweetie.Paul 1st Birthday-0631

Paul 1st Birthday-0639



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