A Heavy Heart

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Why the heavy heart?  You may have heard in the news that there is a new policy, released by the Pentagon, that states soldiers can be prosecuted and even court-martialed for sharing their faith.  This policy may even bleed over into the role of chaplains.  Time will tell what will come of this, but this is the reason for the heavy heart.

I have always felt such a burden for our soldiers because of my faith.  I have so much respect for someone that is willing to put their life in harm’s way so that me and my family can enjoy safety and freedom.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” –John 15:13

Our soldiers are already being sent into the darkest places on earth.  Now we want to send them there with no hope?  {Sigh}  Praying . . .


3 thoughts on “A Heavy Heart

  1. I feel you. These are sad times for our military and our nation. An Army officer even put some Christian organizations on the “hate group” list because they do not agree with homosexuality. It’s beyond disturbing. There will be push back against this mentality for a while, but overall, the military views are shifting. So sad for our brave men and women who choose to defend our freedom. Much prayer is needed!

    1. Your article strikes a cord in me tonight…especially as my daughter who is a jr in high school is researching/exploring the idea of military service for herself! I’m praying, too, and I’m so glad God knows what is best even when I don’t know what to ask for…..just Your Will Be Done!


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