Sweet Faces: A Birthday Girl

Faith Family-0048

I met this beautiful family through our church this year and have been so blessed by their friendship.  They have the most adorable kids and are just amazing people.  Living in a military town has its ups and downs.  I get the opportunity to meet some really awesome folks, but then I also know that one day I will have to say goodbye.  Such is life I know.  Nothing lasts forever.  But I am truly glad that these folks are in our lives for now.  And I am thrilled I got the chance to capture these of their sweet little girl who just turned one!
Faith Family-0217

Faith Family-0205

Faith Family-0003

Faith Family-0199

Faith Family-0248

Faith Family-0193


2 thoughts on “Sweet Faces: A Birthday Girl

  1. Michelle, we are so grateful that we have met you and your family too! You are a fantastic photographer and great person. Thank you for taking such wonderful photos of our family!

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