Heart Hands Eyes

collage from April 20th

Every single one of these photos was taken on my dslr.  I have found I am less happy these days snapping shots with my cheepo camera phone (Pantech Jest) for my daily photo challenges.  This setup is good for now for two reasons:  1. I actually have the time (sort of) to take the photo, edit it, email it, and upload it to Instagram, and 2. I am just so thrilled that I am being inspired to take more photos with my dslr.  The more I use it, the more I learn.  Light is something that I feel I will never be an expert of, but the more I put myself out there and try to capture it, the more I learn about it.  I know the days are approaching though that I will be lucky to snap a shot or two on my phone and call it a day.  The seasons of life . . .

Tags from left to right for collage

Top row:  #heart #homemade

Middle row:  #hands #eyes #hahaha

Bottom row:  #eco #looking_in

Hope you enjoyed.  Have a blessed week.



P.S. Things will be slowing down here any day now as we prepare to welcome our newest addition :o)


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