Family Tradition

Bryant and Greenwell-0509

This growing family gets portraits done every Spring.  I had the pleasure of being their photographer last year too.  It has become a sort of tradtion for us, and I just love that.  The newest addition wasn’t exactly thrilled, but we still got some great photos and were lent some great light too. Enjoy!

B Family and boys-2

Three boys equalled a lot of corralling.  Going to be in that boat very soon!  Like any day now.

B Family and baby-2

This was about all we got out of this little guy, but what a cutie!

Bryant and Greenwell-0271

Bryant and Greenwell-0278

Loving the lens flare in these and the softness it adds.
Bryant and Greenwell-0342

Bryant and Greenwell-0430

B Family N-2

B Family kids and parents-2

My little assistant (Noah) did such a good job getting the boys’ attention the entire session.  I love the expressions he got out of them in the above photo especially.  I think I will bring him to more photoshoots when little children are involved.  He has a way of connecting with them.

B Family C-2

Bryant and Greenwell-0680

Bryant and Greenwell-0460


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