May in April

Casey May Senior Portraits-0321

May 2-2

Casey May Senior Portraits-0208

May 5-2

Casey May Senior Portraits-0300

May 1-2

Casey May Senior Portraits-0420

May 4-2

May 3-2

Such a natural beauty!

Casey May Senior Portraits-0470

May 6-2

Casey May Senior Portraits-0116

This was my first senior photoshoot, and wow was it fun!  This girl, Miss May, and her mom who came along are just so sweet.  They are friends from church, and we all had such a good time chatting and walking around the beautiful grounds of Greenwell State Park here in Southern Maryland.  I had to chuckle to myself a few times when I realized how quickly we were moving along.  I am so used to taking 20-30 frames or more of the same shot when I am photographing families (to ensure that I get everyone with their eyes open, etc).  It was a new experience to take two or three shots of a pose and then move on.  In the end I was very pleased with the outcome of the photos.  It certainly didn’t hurt to have such a pretty girl to work with.  I hope they are just as happy with the images as I am.


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