Cherry Blossoms

This post is for all of you folks who live in a climate that does not support these beauties.  I have been captivated by them every Spring since I moved to Southern Maryland.  Their delicate beauty draws me in.  I stalk the local trees daily when they are about to bloom, because they are gone as soon as they appear.  I wish they lasted just a little longer.

cherry blossoms 2013-0147

cherry blossoms 2013-0182

cherry blossoms 2013-0136

cherry blossoms 2013-0028

cherry blossoms 2013-0020-2

cherry blossoms 2013-0022

cherry blossoms 2013-0099

cherry blossoms 2013-0044

cherry blossoms 2013-0046

cherry blossoms 2013-0095

cherry blossoms 2013-0026

These really turned out better than I planned.  I asked the hubby if he could make it home by 6:30 this night so I could go take photos of the Cherry Blossoms near our home.  I really wanted to have that warm cozy evening light to showcase the pale petals.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get home until the sun had nearly set.  Things come up–I couldn’t be mad.  I also couldn’t miss the opportunity to photograph these beauties before all their pretty pink petals fell to the ground.  I knew that even if the sun set before I made it, I would still have enough light to grab a few shots.  So I flew out of the door as he was coming in, and I made it to the location with 10 minutes of sun to spare.  Had I made it earlier (as planned) I would have missed this gorgeous light!  Thankful for whatever kept my man at work that day! ;o) Hope you enjoyed.

God Bless




8 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

    1. Thank you! Still don’t know where the fun park is that you go to for your amazing cherry blossom pics. What’s the name of that place? But I got these behind Target haha! ;o)

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