Lady in Red

Mark and Stephanie-0142

Great friends of mine from church approached me about taking photos of them for their wedding anniversary.  They wanted the wedding photos they never got, they said.  While they didn’t show up in wedding attire,  what they did show up in couldn’t have been more perfect.  He wore his dress blues and she was in a stunning red dress.  I was secretly jumping up and down inside over their wardrobe selections.  And later they changed into their Buckeye gear for some casual shots.  I love that we share the same roots!  O-H-I-O!

M & S love

M & S archway

Mark and Stephanie-0090

It was chilly!  But they were troopers.

M & S together

The above images are my two favorites from the day!  Isn’t the red with the navy stunning!?

Mark and Stephanie-0192

black and white

Mark and Stephanie-0263


Mark and Stephanie-0336

Mark and Stephanie-0326

by the water II

Mark and Stephanie-0441

Mark and Stephanie-0577

Mark and Stephanie-0601


O-H-I-O! Totally their idea.  So cute right!?

by the barn

Mark and Stephanie-0496

I had so much fun with these two as we chatted about the not-so-great wedding photos that sparked this session (still can’t wait to see those!) and the interesting, to say the least, proposal that started it all.  They are still very much in love, and I am so grateful to have gotten to capture these for them.


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