Flowers, Feet, and more Flowers and Feet

collage week of April 7

Spring has arrived!  Blooms are everywhere, and bare toes are out in all their pastiness ;o)  Today was the PERFECT day here in Southern Maryland.  Hope you all got to enjoy some sunshine where you are too.  Crazy that this “Monday” post is happening on a Thursday night?  Yes!  But I think this is a precurser to life being chaotic and unplanned when this new baby comes into our lives.  Even so, I am looking forward to it all.  God is so good and blessed us so.  Can’t wait to officially meet Paul!

Prompts for above images from left to right

row 1:  macro, upside down, connection

row 2:  unconditional love, home, retrospect

row 3:  surrounding, filler photo, filler photo

Have a blessed evening!




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