Rainy Day Portriats

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0228

While I realize most folks are ready for Spring already, let me tell you that photographers have been ready for Spring since say . . . November(ish).  Especially photographers that depend on natural light.  Don’t get me wrong, winter is beautiful and all those frosty, snowy images are captivating, but I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUTSIDE with my camera on a more regular basis!!!

Spring means portrait jobs too!  I have a few lining up and I am SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT!  I am trying to squeeze in as many as I can before our new addition multiplies the chaos at Casa de Williams.  I love my little hobby.  I am coming to grips with the fact that it will probably be just a hobby for quite some time, but there is the dream and hope for a mysweetwilliams business someday . . .  {sigh}

Spring is nearly here in Southern MD–most likely showing up in the next week or so.  But it has been chilly and rainy most days.  Some good therapy I found for being cooped up in the house is to find a subject (any subject) and place it near a window.  Then just photograph it like crazy.  Lucky for me, I have these really cute models just hanging around my place.  This particular rainy day I grabbed the littlest (for now) and captured these shots of a boy who has captured my heart, many times over.

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0274

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0322

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0180

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0306

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0259

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0205

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0171

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0267

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0249

Future occupation as a plumber maybe?

rainy cars, coffee, handmade-0429

What a sweetie!

Some tips:  Play around with the way the light falls on your subject and shoot from many different angles to see which outcomes you like best.  Also shoot from different vantage points.  Shoot from below and above to gain a new perspective.  And finally, I have heard that a window facing North offers the best light.  Not sure why, but that is what I have heard.  And P.S. these were shot near a north facing window.

And finally, a note about where I am in my editing growth.  Still playing with tonal curves and learning how to fix clipped areas in my photos.  I also just learned something about monochromatic abberations (or something that sounds like that), and I think this will be valuable to explore more.

Have a blessed week!

xoxo Michelle


4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Portriats

  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos!! I love cloudy days…my husband laughs at me that I get so excited about them – but they produce the most beautiful natural light…you are amazing!

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