Roam in the Middle

collage from week of March 10th

This week’s Projectlife365 photos (plus 2)!

Tags for collage are:

#message, #beware, filler photo

#roam, #smash, #in_the_middle

filler photo, #charmed, #doodle

Happy Monday!  Today was a good Monday.  Well a productive Monday anyway.  I am finding that I struggle finding balance in my life.  There are some days that I feel I was a great mom and spent some good quality time with the kiddos.  There are other days that I feel extremely accomplished.  These are the days I knock a lot off of the to-do list, but end up feeling like I did not spend enough time with the kids.  Hoping to find balance between the two, but sure that this will only get tougher in 7 weeks!!! That is all the time we have left as a family of four.  Yikes!

I did better this week representing the oldest this week in the collage ;o) Yay for me!


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