Troublemaker Contained

collage from week of March 3rd

Another successful week of taking a photo a day with prompts from the wonderful folks at Projectlife365.  I get my photos out there by using Instagram.  You can find the Projectlife folks on Instagram by searching their username @projectlife365. You can find the weekly challenges there and also see which artists they selected to feature for the daily challenges. I am blown away every day by the amazing work I see there!

Two observations from this week: 1. I take more pictures of the youngest than the oldest ;o(  In my defense though I have boxes and boxes of photos of the oldest when he was this age.  I also spend all day with the youngest so there are more opportunities.  That being said, I still want to make a conscious effort to photograph the oldest more!  And 2. I am struggling to find my personal style. STILL.  I mean how long does this take?  I see so much great work out there and I love many different styles I see.  My recent experiments have been with adjusting tonal curves and that’s fun, but I swear I can look at photos I edited and loved just last week and when I look at them again, I find myself making changes.  It gets frustrating at times, but I am still excited about the journey.

Have a blessed week!  Coming up soon are some rainy day shots of the littlest.

Hashtags for above collage:

#daily_commute, #trouble_maker

#private, #big_personality, #over_there

#contained, #dreamy


2 thoughts on “Troublemaker Contained

  1. Lovely set of photos. I esp. like the water’s edge. Also, if it makes you feel any better, my style hasn’t stopped evolving either! I will look back at photos I did just months ago and find things to change. I think it’s almost a never-ending process!

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