Goodnight Blue

collage Feb 24

For the week of February 24th this is what I came up with following Projectlife365 prompts.  I have said it before, and I will say it again: I am having so much fun with this community of photographers.  The participants are so talented!  I am inspired daily.  I will also say that the talent is so good, that I often find myself comparing my skills and creativity to others’.  I know this is a TERRIBLE thing to do, and so I am working on NOT doing this and working on simply enjoying the beautiful images in my Instagram feed and finding inspiration there.

The following excerpt from my daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young helped me put it all in perspective:

Stop judging and evaluating yourself, for this is not your role.  Above all, stop comparing yourself with other people.  This produces feelings of pride or inferiority; sometimes, a mixture of both.  I lead each of my children along a path that is uniquely tailor-made for him or her.   Comparing is not only wrong; it is also meaningless.

Don’t look for affirmation in the wrong places:  your own evaluations, or those of other people.  The only source of real affirmation is My unconditional Love.

Prompts for above collage:

#good_morning, #goodnight

#nook, #blue, #handmade

#you_today, #process


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