In a Fog

construction site

Happy boy

In a Fog


I love this kid.  Always up for a photoshoot adventure.  Of course this was more fun than other photoshoots for him I think.  He asked if he could take one of his toy guns.  Now I am a very picky person.  Picky about my pictures and  well most everything else.  My first instinct was to say no.  I mean the gun is ugly.  But I thought to myself, “How often does this kid let you take pictures of him when he (like most boys) would rather be doing something else?  A lot!”  So I said he could bring the gun.  He had so much fun, and I was happy it could be fun for both of us!

The fog is what spurred the photoshoot adventure (three months ago!!!), and I really like these photos.  It’s fun to try something new.

Still on the adventure of growing into my own style of photo editing . . .

And I know a lot of folks are sensitive about the whole gun thing right now.  We personally do not let our son watch PG-13 movies (unless approved), he is not allowed to play violent video games of ANY kind, and we certainly teach him that it is never okay to point even a toy gun at a person.  My stance pretty much lines up with this blogger on that whole issue.  Didn’t even mean to get all political on you.  Sorry.


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