Friends of the Heart

Jen and I

I feel so very blessed to have some amazing friends.  I remember talking with my mother-in-law one day about friendship, and she told me something that really stuck.  She told me her mother had always told her, “There are friends of the heart and friends of the road.”  She explained that God places people in our lives at different times for different purposes.  Sometimes friends are in our lives for a short time, to fill a very special place for a specific time (friends of the road).  As life takes friends of the road on different paths, they drift and that is okay.  That doesn’t mean they weren’t special or that the friendship was not real.

And then there are friends of the heart.  These are friends that you meet and instantly click with.  You feel like you have known the person for ages.  No matter where you go or how long it has been since you last spoke, you don’t miss a beat with one another.  Well I have a feeling that the beautiful lady in this picture (left) is most assuredly a friend of the heart.  From the moment we met we would talk and talk and talk, and it just felt like I had known her forever!  She’s a fellow believer and a fellow Ohioan too, so I guess it was inevitable from the start.  Something just clicked.  And although I only got a short year with her (living in a military town has its downfalls), I know that we could get together one, five, or ten years from now and not skip a beat.  I know God brought her into my life for keeps.  I love you Jen!  You will surely be missed lady.  My prayers are always with you and your family.


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