Piney Point Lighthouse

This year I took photos for a family at an awesome lighthouse here in Maryland.  I had never been to this lighthouse before so I wanted to go check it out beforehand.  I dragged the husband and kids along to be my subjects, and we enjoyed the afternoon exploring a new place.  Well they explored (some), and I took pictures ;o)  I finally got around to editing these of my own family and even a few shots of the lighthouse.  I will say I am STILL LEARNING LOTS about editing, so I am using what I know, and not sure if I am using it well.  However, photos of family always make me smile.  So enjoy some photos of my guys!

As a side note, the Piney Point Lighthouse is in Southern Maryland, on the Potomac River.  It was built in 1836 and is very near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  I consider us blessed that it was a short drive for us to get there.  And it was not crowded at all (either time I went).

Lighthouse with weeping willow

Balboa on the steps at Piney Point

waving from Lighthouse II

Puppy faces

Looking up at lighthouse

In front of the lighthouse

Lighthouse with whispy clouds

Two boys and three boys at Piney Point

The house at Piney Point

Dad and son at Piney Point

Piney Point Lighthouse

Noah and Stephen by house at Piney Point

Noah and lighthouse

Rays of light at Piney Point


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