Christmas Eve @ Casa de Williams


This year Christmas is a little different than most Christmases.  My husband and I were just sitting here saying it didn’t feel much like Christmas at all.  Our oldest child Noah is not with us (insert frowny face here).  And he won’t be here when we wake up in the morning.  This is the first Christmas I have not gotten to wake up and have Christmas with him.  I don’t like it.  He is visiting his dad in Ohio.  I do hope he is having a good time, and he will be here tomorrow evening.  Yay!  We cannot wait to have him back.

With no other family here in Maryland, we have just been hanging around the house and getting little projects done.  We were going to get out and do something and then go to the Christmas Eve service tonight at our church, but our youngest is teething (BAD) and we are all sick (yuck).  So that didn’t seem too appealing after all.

One thing I got done though was to make a new “logo” for mysweetwilliams photography.  I made it in Word too!   If I had better software, I have more of a vision for the logo, but I think using what we have turned out alright.  I was also pretty impressed that between my husband and I, we figured out how to turn it into a watermark image as well.  I think the end result is decent.

So here are some images from a boating trip we went on with friends back in September (with the new logo watermark).  What do you think?






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