sister ties the knot

tara wedding-6297tara wedding-6310tara wedding-6365tara wedding-6390tara wedding-6405tara wedding-6417tara wedding-6418tara wedding-6446tara wedding-6442tara wedding-6456tara wedding-6470tara wedding-6477tara wedding-6488tara wedding-6499tara wedding-6521tara wedding-6554tara wedding-6580tara wedding-6738tara wedding-6803tara wedding-6853tara wedding-6893tara wedding-6912tara wedding-6928tara wedding-6915tara wedding-6936tara wedding-6955tara wedding-7001tara wedding-7054tara wedding-7140tara wedding-7147tara wedding-7094

A handful of my favorite images from this gorgeous fall day celebrating my beautiful sister and her new husband! Photo cred to my dear hubby for all the photos I’m in.


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