birthday candles

I have been graced with another year of life. I often thank God for the placement of my birthday right after the Christmas season. It’s that extra special celebration to get me through the long winter months. I, like many of you, struggle during the winter months. I truly believe there is something to taking vitamin D supplements. I have started taking vitamin D drops in the winter months, and they have helped tremendously the last two winters. It is my personal theory that we don’t necessarily get cabin fever, but that we are just craving vitamin D and it’s our instinct to get it by getting out of the house. Just another theory brought to you by Dr. Michelle. Digression.

Anyhoo, this year for my birthday family gifted me with money (AWESOME), and I used some of it to rent a 24 mm 1.4 Sigma art lens. I’m so thankful I did, because I FINALLY found my next lens. I have been using only a 50 mm lens for years, because I haven’t found a lens that seemed like the next practical but also AWESOME lens for me. I found it here. Here are some images I took with it.

24 mm sigma 2018-105424 mm sigma 2018-112024 mm sigma 2018-129524 mm sigma 2018-121324 mm sigma 2018-143324 mm sigma 2018-140524 mm sigma 2018-120024 mm sigma 2018-1476


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