sunset session 10.13.17

I just adore this sweet momma. I was thrilled when she asked me to take her family photos this year, and even more thrilled that she was up for an adventure. The evening was just warm enough for a hike through the woods and a brief wade through knee high water to play in the rocks down by the creek. The sun was showing-off-glorious and the photos capture some truly precious moments between mother and son. These moments pass all too quickly I am realizing more and more in the lives of my own boys. I love that photography can freeze time–sort of ;o) Enjoy this fall goodness friends!Spurling 2017-9013Spurling 2017-9057Spurling 2017-9098Spurling 2017-9076Spurling 2017-9139Spurling 2017-9275Spurling 2017-9288Spurling 2017-9221Spurling 2017-9140Spurling 2017-9292Spurling 2017-9296Spurling 2017-9313Spurling 2017-9322Spurling 2017-9358Spurling 2017-9404Spurling 2017-9425Spurling 2017-9478Spurling 2017-9482Spurling 2017-9538Spurling 2017-9526


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