14 | 52

Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

Trees and Eggs 2015-3262 WilliamsM35 Trees and Eggs 2015-3311 Trees and Eggs 2015-3400 Trees and Eggs 2015-3402 Trees and Eggs 2015-3413 Trees and Eggs 2015-3415 Trees and Eggs 2015-3544

1. – 3. Planting fruit trees. We now have “Tony,” the Starking sweet cherry tree (AKA: “The Iron Tree”), “Stella,” the mate for Tony (also sweet cherries), and “Goldie,” our Golden Delicious apple tree. Balboa did awesome helping dad get those babies in the ground. When we were done, they just looked like sticks in the ground, and I think both Noah and Neil couldn’t believe getting some “sticks” in the ground were that much work. I naturally just took pictures ;o) But they are starting to grow already. Spring is an amazing reminder of how God is constantly growing extraordinary life in seemingly ordinary places.

4. – 5. P-Mackey and his eggs. He pretty much dunked the eggs in and pulled them right back out. Then he proceeded to crack them the remainder of the time. We ended up eating all the eggs he dyed for lunch immediately following our egg dying.

6. – 7. His face says it all.

8. Bonus egg hunt photo. Doesn’t everybody employ the help of a light saber to find their eggs?



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