8 | 52

Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

weeks 8 and 9-2251 weeks 8 and 9-2324 weeks 8 and 9-2418 weeks 8 and 9-22381. My toughest subject. I am actually surprised there is an entry for this one each week so far! He’s got a love/hate relationship with mom’s camera.

2. Waking up with Rex

3. Many days I wish these little years away and in the same breath wish they would stay this little forever. They are the neediest during these years, but they are also the sweetest.

4. Newest little Bobcat

Things I love about this project:

  • I am capturing so many more in-between moments. The moments that make up this life–not the moments created by me to make a pretty picture. LOVING that.
  • I am freezing these times forever. When I forget what it was like to have messy floors and toys littering every room of our house and baskets of laundry for days, I will have these to remember the fullness of this life. This crazy, lovely, blessed life.

Thing I am not loving about this project

  • It’s a lot of work! I’m pregnant and tired. The end result of documenting this year of life for each kiddo keeps me pressing on though, hopeful I can keep up.

4 thoughts on “8 | 52

  1. I’ve probably written this before, but I really love your chalkboard! Chalkboard art is so beautiful. You’re capturing some really wonderful memories of your kids, too!

      1. Our house came with a whiteboard wall painted in the playroom, but I would so much prefer the chalkboard. I like the chalkboard look so much better…plus dry erase markers run out quickly when little folks forget to put caps back on :). So I may have to add covering that wall with chalkboard paint to the house to-do list!

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