7 | 52

Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

week seven 2015-2047 week seven 2015-2025-2week seven 2015-2034 week seven 2015-2228-2

1. Early morning wake-up call. There are driveways to shovel son.

2. Breakfast face

3. Banana face

4. Me, baby Williams, and one of my best friends!!!! So grateful for her visit and her friendship. (Photo credit: Balboa)

I have been sitting on these photos for two weeks now for two reasons. The first reason being that every time I have sat down to work on them I have promptly fallen asleep (thank you baby number four in my belly). The second reason being that I am just not getting excited about my photography work. Of course I love all the photos I take of my kids, cause my kids are awesome, but artistically speaking, I am just feeling blah with my photos.  I am however taking steps to get back in the game. Reading, researching, and a little soul-searching too. I think Spring is going to help tremendously. Any other photographers going through this during the winter months, or is it just me?


4 thoughts on “7 | 52

    1. My feelings exactly! Not how you necessarily want to feel after purchasing your forever home ;o) so there are high emotions attached to my feeling this way (plus the hormones in the mix haha). Glad I am not the only one! Come in Spring.

  1. I would say definitely chalk some of it up to the pregnancy…I completely lost interest in everything I like doing for several months. Just now getting back into some of it :). But Spring always helps, too! You look adorable with your little baby bump, as always!!

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