2 | 52

portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

weeks one and two portraits 2015-0601 weeks one and two portraits 2015-0586-2 snow day 2015-0125

1. Willful One screaming about dinosaurs finding “THE BIIIIIIGGEST PUUUUUMPKIN” in the patch (from the new favorite book of the two littlest–I think Daddy’s voices make it a favorite).

2.  Video games or bust

3.  Rex love

I can already feel the tendency to go monochrome with too many of these. Guess it’s fitting for the monochrome days of winter. My hopes for this project: 1. I will grow more as a photographer 2. I will learn more about light and processing 3. I will learn many of the features and functions of my new camera 4. I will end up with 52 lifestyle portraits of each of my kiddos from 2015 (one changing from 11-12, one from 3-4, and one from 1-2).


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