Turkey Day Portraits

On my quest to learn about light, I am trying different backlit portraits around sunset.  The light is a beautiful golden hue and lowest in the sky during this time (which produces nice side light).  Luckily I have family members that love me a lot and are willing to run outside right as all the Thanksgiving goods are coming out of the oven. I am not completely happy with the placement of my “subjects,” but when it’s people you love, the pictures are always treasured.  And some of them did turn out great!  I tend to like a little more sidelighting and will keep this is mind next time.  However, in this case we were outside our home and turning them one way would have put the street in the background, and turning them the other way, a house.



All the boys

Balboa and Dad

Balboa and Dad II


Love this one of Balboa!

Two of the boys II

And this one of Puppy and Daddy!

Two of the boys III

We even got P-Dubbers behind the lens to get one of the five of us.

Family II

And in case you were worried, the Thanksgiving dinner was still warm when we made it back inside.


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