Ohio [Two Trips Ago]

Seems someone is a LOT behind on editing and posting.  Yikes.  These are from two months ago.  I know I promised Disneyland pics, but I had to post these from our trip out to Ohio for a family reunion (on Neil’s side) first.

Guy time at Grandpa Paul’s

We used a belt to create a high chair.  It didn’t really work out that well.  Someone was right next to him so he wouldn’t fall off the chair.  And Noah came out on the dock with me while I took some shots of Candlewood Lake.

From an early morning walk.

Made it to the reunion–only a little late (in classic Williams fashion).

Making friends.

Grandma had lots of fun with the grandkids.

Lowell and Andrea Dill graciously hosted the reunion. Andrea is above left.

Stephen and Noah’s Great Great Aunt Mari Alice Rader.  She was so cute!

Lowell is the one closest to the camera in the navy blue shirt.  They have beautiful property.

This was scary.

At one point Noah got off the golf cart without locking the break and kids were still on it.  Luckily they were only headed towards tall grass, but oh. my. goodness.  A lot of yelling and Noah hopped back on.  I think.  It all happened so quickly.

Then we made our way over to visit with my mom and grandma.

My mom’s amazing tomatoes.

Grandma Carole stopped by for a bit too! There was definitely lots of love in the room with three grandmas ;o)


Looking outside.

My mom’s awesome backyard.

Our Sweetwilliams plant that I almost killed.  She is doing much better now.

Heading home.  Always enjoy a good trip to visit with family.  The drive I could do without.


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