Fun with Fireworks

Before I share all of our Disneyland pics, I thought these collages of fireworks we saw from our hotel the first night in Anaheim deserved a post all their own.  There is a rather funny story that goes along with these photos if you care to hear it.

We had just settled in and gotten the baby to sleep–a huge task for Stephen considering his hatred of hotel rooms.  No sooner had we gotten him to bed did we hear what sounded like a shotgun being loaded and fired.  Two shots, pause (loading?), two shots, pause, etc.  Neil immediately yelled for Noah and I to duck behind the bed and be quiet as he turned the lights off.  We willingly obliged–and prayed.  Can you blame us?  We live in a crazy world.  Noah is near tears at this point and clinging to me tightly.  He is saying he  is scared.  I am telling him there is nothing to be scared of, even though I was totally freaked out myself.  Neil waited a few moments, and when the shots didn’t stop, he called the front desk to see if they knew what was happening.  The front desk informed us that there were fireworks going off outside.  Hahahahaha.  Funny now.  Not funny then.  We went outside and enjoyed the show.  Stephen slept through the whole thing!  They seriously didn’t sound like fireworks.

Isn’t the pink one that looks like Mickey Mouse ears neat though?


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