Lumberjack P-Mack

Lumberjack Paul 2015-0983 Lumberjack Paul 2015-0991 Lumberjack Paul 2015-0998 Lumberjack Paul 2015-0999 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1001 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1027 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1044 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1045 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1064 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1058 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1071 Lumberjack Paul 2015-1076What I am loving most about this 52 week portrait project is that it makes me go shoot. I am pulling out my camera almost every day. It sparks creativity for me too and gets the creative juices flowing.

I had a vision this day that involved a cute little dilapidated red barn just down the road from where I drop the middle little for pre-school. That was until it was super sunny this day, and the location requires an overcast sky in the morning or it’s in full sun. The only day this entire winter I actually hoped for overcast skies! That barn will still make it into the 52 project somehow, but this day we headed home and went into our own back-yard to do P-Mackey’s portrait for the week. There I found the most delicious flare by our neighbor’s fence! I am a sucker for flare. Lots of photographers will go to various measures to avoid it, but I go through various measures to incorporate it into my work. Every chance I get. What was going to be an addition to Paul’s 52 portraits turned into a sunny spread all to himself!

Also, it looks like our Sequoia tree may survive the winter after all. Oh how we hope “Admiral Ackbar” sees many more winters.


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