The Perfect Light

I chase it.  I miss it.  I find it.  I lose it.  I am starting to “see” it better, but still have a long way to go.  The elusive perfect light.  Always on the hunt for it.

There have been two instances that will remain etched in my brain (it’s crazy I know) of times I missed beautiful light.  One time I simply did not take advantage of the light.  We were swimming in North Carolina, and I wanted to swim, not take photos.  Swimming is probably my second favorite thing to do (after photography of course).  Anyway, I chose to enjoy the moment.  But it bugs me to this day that I did not capture the beauty for all time in a photograph.  It was breath-taking.

The second time I missed the perfect light was recently while I was giving my youngest son a bath.  As I was getting him out of the bath, I looked outside and saw the beautiful golden tones on the fresh fallen snow.  It is rare 1. that it snows here and 2. that the sun is shining on a fresh fallen snow at just the right time of day (just before sunset).  Often, photographing out in the snow = overcast skies.  I quickly got the baby dressed, rushed downstairs, promised my oldest I would make it up to him if he would turn off his video games and come be my model.  He agreed.  We ran.  We missed it.  The sun was no longer making the snow glow.

I did get some good shots of the boy in the end, but still sad about the missed oportunity.

Noah snow 3

Noah snow 2

Noah snow 4

Noah snow 5

Noah snow 6

Noah snow 8

Noah snow 7

Totally a Noah face here.  Love it.  Love him.

So what did he get out the deal?  As payment he chose to make chocolate chip cookies all by himself.  What!?  Um okay.  Sounds like a win win for mom!

P.S. Is it okay to have blown highlights on snow in portrait work?


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