The #Center of #Adventure

collage Feb. 4 III admit my post titles are a bit misleading, but I think it’s fun to use tags from my Projectlife365 photo-a-day challenge.  It is an easy way for me to come up with a cute title that (kinda) fits.  Here are my photos from this past week.  Enjoy!

I  had hoped to add a little more about life this week, but I am currently painting the living room (note the Lowe’s and paint roller pics).  And well, coming into the third tri-mester, that’s about all I had in me today.

Tags for above collage:

#bedside, filler photo, #daily_life

#center, #adventure, #saved_up

#my_view, #arrangement, #lucky

(I accidentally included a photo from this coming week’s challenges. Oops.)


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