Annapolis Date Night


I love date night.  So much.  With two kids and one on the way, I rarely get to spend time alone with the hubby.  Living 500 miles away from family makes it difficult to have much of a social life at all.  This is definitely a season of life that I love though.  And I feel like our core family is so strong because all we have is each other (and the Lord of course).  We do have great friends and an amazing church family that we have met here, but it is just different being so far from family.

We had family here over the holidays though, which was great.  Our Christmas present from my sister-in-law to my husband and I was a coupon good for “one kid-free night.”  It ended up being more like a full day (sorry Christa).  We loved every minute of it.  I think that was the most time I have spent alone with my husband at one time in the last year.  Thank you Christa!!!  Best Christmas present ever!  Enjoy some shots I took from around Annapolis, capitol of Maryland, home of the U.S. Naval Academy, and located right on the Chesapeake Bay.

Chase Home

We started at the Chase-Lloyd home.  Chase was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Lloyd’s daughter married Francis Scott Key in this very house.

Chase Lloyd House-2

I strongly advise you NOT to take the tour.  You only get to see two rooms and no photography is allowed.  Plus you can obtain more information from the sign located out front.  My husband and I sure got some good laughs from participating though.

Ring Bell

Just don’t do it. Okay?

Chase home B&W

So that it wasn’t a total bust on the historial knowledge gained aspect of our trip, we headed up the road to the Maryland State House.  On our way we passed some lovely store fronts and decorated doors.

Christmas bulbs on fence

String of lights


30 Maryland II

30 Maryland

flowers and bulbs-2

Antique Snow Flakes

Across from State House

Maryland State House Sign

Did you know that the Capitol of the United States was Annapolis for nine months?  I did not.

outside the Capitol-2

Christmas tree in Annapolis-2

Looking up

George and Senate-2

wreaths at the State building

We did a little more walking around and then got a bite to eat.


No Dumping

I will forever kick myself for not having placed my feet in this photo.  I just think it would have made a fun picture.

Boat in lights

The street-2

My date

My date ;o)

Go Navy

Annapolis night view

Us in Annapolis

After all this fun we went to see The Hobbit.  Neil was in heaven.  Great city. Great date night.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.  Haha.


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