Bennett–Lindholm Rehearsal

The main reason we all found ourselves in California this summer was because one of Neil’s best friends, Chris Bennett, was getting married.  Neil and Chris met while Neil was living and working out in California.  Interestingly though, I think Neil sees Chris more since moving back to the east coast.  Funny how things like that work out huh?  Anyhoo, here are photos from rehearsal.  I am sooo excited to share the wedding reception shots too!  Stay tuned for those.

The bride with her father.

The Guys

The gorgeous backdrop at the St. Regis in Dana Point.

The Butterfly Garden.  I didn’t see any butterflies though {insert sad face}.

Now off for some good eats!

iPhone education ;o)

The food was excellent.

The company was too!

Thanks Chris and Laura for having us along for this wonderful time!


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