“Mini-Sprint” Triathalon

We are so proud of our son Noah who tried out a mini-triathalon 2 weeks ago.  He swam 100 meters, biked 2.5 miles, and ran .75 miles.  Must get the determination from Neil, who has one marathon under his belt.  I am just not the running type.  I can swim and bike alright, but I remember the time I tried to train for the Turkey Trot, a one mile  fun run. My training lasted one day and one lap around the track, and then I died right along with my running dreams.  But I was thrilled to cheer Noah on in his recent endeavor. Here are my photographs from the race.

Going over last-minute details with dad.

He looks a little nervous ;o)

Down to business now.

Ready to cheer Noah on.

Pep talk with dad on the way to pick up his bike.

Finishing Strong. He caught sight of that finish line and ran his little heart out!

Racers were rewarded with Rita’s.  Lucky!

Proud day for mom and dad.


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