Sun Sets on Solomons

It was a beautful sunset from the Solomons Island boardwalk when my mom was visiting recently .  Topped off with Rita’s ice~custard~happiness, there were 3 happy campers in the car on the way home.

P.S. I normally avoid the “scary bridge” pictured here like the plague.  Can you blame me though?  The bridge itself is 130 ft. high, and the Patuxent River below is roughly 130 ft. deep!  Plus crews are constantly checking it for safety, because there are concerns about the usage it gets.  Unfortunately for me, you have to cross that scary thing to get to Solomons Island.  I have gone a handful of times with the hubby, but tend to not venture over there on my own.  Look what I have been missing!  My lack of faith has been a huge disservice.  Not going to let fear get in my way anymore.

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvatioin–so why should I be afraid?


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