Judge Not


I had a revelation the other day while watching my 10-month-old son throw a tantrum on our living room floor just because he did not get his way.  Let me give you a little history to help explain.

My first child came into the world nine years ago peacefully and extremely laid back.  The kid never threw a tantrum his whole life.  Sure he cried when he didn’t get his way, but I am talking about those on-the-floor-kicking-screaming-crying tantrums.  They simply never happened.  I have observed many tantrums of the sort over the years.  Clearly it was due to lack of discipline, I judged.  Those kids having meltdowns were products of over-coddling and spoiling.  More judging.  If those parents would just spank their child once in a while, they wouldn’t be dealing with this right now.  Yet some more judging.  I had one child, and I thought I was the expert.  Ha!

Jesus tells His disciples (as documented in Matthew 7:1-2) the following:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

I know there will come a day when my Heavenly Father will judge me for all the things I did on this earth, both good and bad (and there is a lot of bad).  Thankfully for me, when my sentence is delivered (DEATH) Jesus will step in and say, “Father, I paid the price for her.  She trusted in me all the days of her life from the moment she met me, and she believed that my death on the cross would save her.”  Judgement day will turn out alright for me as God ushers me in, because of His Son.

I had always assumed that the above scripture from Matthew was more of the same–pointing to the day when my heavenly father would judge my deeds.  But my revelation was this:  What if I am judged on earth as well.  I judge people costantly.  I do not want to admit that, and I am working on that, but it’s true.  As true as it is that other people are judging me constantly (I assume).  Part of our human nature is to judge. We choose to judge people rather than pray for them.  Would it have been so hard to pray, “Lord, grant that parent grace and strength, and help that little one to honor his mother or father?”

Ever wonder why you find yourself in the same situations you judged others for?  I know I do.  I believe there is a reason for that–to teach us compassion, mercy, and grace.  While discussing my latest revelation with a fellow mother she said, “Kids are God’s way of keeping us humble.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Fast forward nine years.  My 10-month-old son has had more tantrums than I can count on my fingers, even though I have used the same parenting style with him as I did with my first.  I also know the inevitable public tantrums will occur with my second child.  And when they do, guess what?  Yep!  Someone will be right there to judge me! May I grow and learn from this lesson–pray for people more and judge them less.


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