Sweet Faces | Williams Cake Smash

I can’t believe that my last post was nearly a year ago. Okay, actually I can believe that. But, I can’t believe that the little boy who put the mysweetwilliams blog on hold is one! The last year has literally¬†flown by, and I truly believe if I hadn’t been taking pictures all along the way, I would have little recollection of all the life that happened this year.

Throughout this past year/blur of life there have been more times than I am proud to¬†confess in which ¬†I have grumbled for not having much time to do anything other than care for this little ball of energy, his siblings, and their daddy.¬†I mean if it wasn’t 1:00 am and the entire house wasn’t asleep, I wouldn’t even be¬†posting this.¬†But the realization that having a never-ending to-do list only means I am incredibly blessed has given me a¬†renewed¬†strength to serve this family God has blessed me with and has encouraged me to live and enjoy each moment.¬† Each¬†crazy, unkempt, wanna-pull-my-hair-out moment!

Enjoy this peak into a truly sweet moment in our lives, baby’s first sugar! Cake smash 1 of 2. More balloons and more cake will be forthcoming.

happy III

Paul 1st Birthday-0611

Paul 1st Birthday-0401

happy II

Paul 1st Birthday-0300


Paul 1st Birthday-0286

Paul 1st Birthday-0598

Paul 1st Birthday-0597

Paul 1st Birthday-0583


Paul 1st Birthday-0574

Paul 1st Birthday-0493

Paul 1st Birthday-0567

hard work

Paul 1st Birthday-0490

Paul 1st Birthday-0488

Paul 1st Birthday-0484

Paul 1st Birthday-0480

Paul 1st Birthday-0400 Would you even believe that he was sick? Such a sweetie.Paul 1st Birthday-0631

Paul 1st Birthday-0639


Sweet Faces | Williams Cake Smash

Summer Days

I have been just awful about blogging.  The pace is going to be much slower around here for a while.  But I did want to get my IG photos up from this summer.  Here are little squares to show what we have been up to.  Enjoy and God bless.

collage VII

collage VI

collage V

collage IV

collage III

collage II

collage I

Summer Days

P-Dub–Days 5 & 6

Hospital and First Days-0240

I do not know how many of you know this, but I wanted to share it here.  If you do already know this story, my apologies.

I want to share the story of how Paul came to be.  The clean version haha.  I mean we all know where babies come from right? ;o)  What I want to share is how Neil and I opened our hearts to what God wanted to do in our lives and how this little blessing was the result.

To be honest, after our son Stephen (our second)¬†was born, I would have been quite happy to not have anymore children.¬†¬†He was a high maintenance baby¬†who never slept¬†to put it lightly.¬† He was a lot of work, and life was anything but easy.¬† Today he is an adorably hilarious joy in all our lives and worth every challenge, but my bloodshot eyes at the time couldn’t¬†see past the next¬†two hour stretch of sleep (if I was lucky).¬† On¬†top of these challenges, I was having¬†a hard time recovering and dealing with¬†postpartum depression.¬†¬†I also had¬†a new problem.¬† A pesky pain in my right foot cropped up, and started getting worse.¬†¬†We found out that the pain was coming from a mass¬†wedged between my foot bones,¬†though thankfully a biopsy revealed it was¬†benign.¬† Given all of these circumstances, I was rather pleased with our being cautious to avoid pregnancy.¬† Then I heard His calling.

Now, when¬†people say they heard God¬†calling to them, it likely wasn’t audible.¬†¬†Not¬†to say that couldn’t happen I guess, but God speaks in the still¬†small voice¬†that we call our conscious.

And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.  { 1 Kings 19:12 }

It will often warn us not to do something that is wrong.¬†¬†It¬†can also be that idea that pops in¬† (and stays in) our heads, but we aren’t quite sure¬†where it came from.¬† It is not anything¬†we would have come up with on our own, and sometimes the idea even¬†goes against every grain of our being.¬† That’s how¬†it spoke to me.

My heart kept telling me over and over again that¬†I needed to trust.¬† I needed to trust God¬†with our family planning.¬† I needed to trust His plans for my life.¬† I can’t really explain it, but it¬†felt like trying to control¬†when we would or would not conceive¬†was the opposite¬†of what we should be doing, even though that was exactly what I wanted to do.¬†¬†Now let me say this:¬† I do not think it is wrong to family plan.¬† I think God calls different folks to different paths in life.¬† For me, I felt He was calling me to trust Him in this area.¬† I felt like He was calling me to demonstrate my trust by¬†action.¬† It’s one thing to confess trust, but another entirely to step out in faith and do it.

I knew when I shared this with Neil,¬†he would know what we should do.¬†I actually delayed¬†talking to him, because I did not want this¬†idea to be entertained.¬† When I finally shared how I was feeling, I quickly learned¬†I needed to submit to trusting.¬† He looked at me and said¬†he had been feeling¬†called to¬†do the¬†exact same thing.¬†¬†I had confirmation that not only was God speaking to my heart, but¬†He was speaking to my husband’s as well.¬† We had to do this.¬†¬†Best to be inside God’s will than out of it.

The only thing that made this easy was the truth that His plans are best.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the¬†LORD, “plans¬†to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”¬†{ Jeremiah 29:11 }

I know that He has better blessings planned for me than I could ever dream up on my own.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us  { Ephesians 3:20 }

Everything else about it was hard.  Especially becoming pregnant.  It took a while to wrap my mind around it.  It was mentally hard to find out I was pregnant when Stephen was only ten months old.  I mean he was still waking up many nights, I was still struggling  with my foot issues (still am actually), and I was just starting to feel like myself again after the postpartum stuff.  However, I chose trust and laid all my worries, daily, at His feet.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  { 1 Peter 5:7 }

What I found in trusting Him, was an overabundance of blessings.  The pregnancy was my easiest to date.  The pain in my foot went away for the entire pregnancy, labor and delivery was good, and we were given a beautiful, healthy boy.  He is so sweet and such an easy-going baby.  The best way to sum up him coming into our lives are words I read from Instagram user @joyprouty after she had her fourth child.  She said,

The only word I can come up with for this feeling is ‘miracle.’ A miracle to withstand the pain God gives us and promises we are able to bear.¬† A miracle to see a person come out of your body that is just only yours.¬† And miraculous how that person is exactly who you never knew you needed to fit right into the empty place in your heart . . . overwhelming.

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.  He knew exactly what I needed, and I am ever thankful we were obedient to His call so we did not have to miss out on this miracle.

You can view photos from day 4 of life here.

You can view more photos from day 5 of life here.

P-Dub–Days 5 & 6

New Beginnings

new collage III

Life is pretty full these days (in the best way ever).¬† We welcomed Paul Michael into the world on May 15, and I just don’t know how we ever did life without him. He is a perfect little sweetie.¬† Obviously the blog will be taking a little rest over the next few months.¬† I do want to keep putting up my photo-a-day challenges when I can though, and you know I have been photographing the¬†babe like crazy.¬† Hope to share some of those soon too.¬†I have put some new photos of¬†him on my Instagram because that is fast and easy.¬† My username there is @sweetwilliams if you¬†don’t want to wait to see them here¬†;o)

Here are my phoots from the last month!  Yea, just a little behind ;o)

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new collage II

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new collage I

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new collage IV

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And the above photo was featured on www.projectlife365.com in their “Best of the Best” for the week!¬† Very honored.

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a blessed week!



Hope you enjoyed!  Have a blessed week!



New Beginnings

Sweet Faces: A Birthday Girl

Faith Family-0048

I met this beautiful family through our church this year and have been so blessed by their friendship.  They have the most adorable kids and are just amazing people.  Living in a military town has its ups and downs.  I get the opportunity to meet some really awesome folks, but then I also know that one day I will have to say goodbye.  Such is life I know.  Nothing lasts forever.  But I am truly glad that these folks are in our lives for now.  And I am thrilled I got the chance to capture these of their sweet little girl who just turned one!
Faith Family-0217

Faith Family-0205

Faith Family-0003

Faith Family-0199

Faith Family-0248

Faith Family-0193

Sweet Faces: A Birthday Girl

A Heavy Heart

collage April 28th new

Life in photos over the last week.

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Why the heavy heart?  You may have heard in the news that there is a new policy, released by the Pentagon, that states soldiers can be prosecuted and even court-martialed for sharing their faith.  This policy may even bleed over into the role of chaplains.  Time will tell what will come of this, but this is the reason for the heavy heart.

I have always felt such a burden¬†for our soldiers because of¬†my faith.¬† I have so much respect for someone that is willing to put their life in harm’s way so that me and my family can enjoy safety and freedom.

“Greater love has no¬†one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” –John 15:13

Our soldiers are already being sent into the darkest places on earth.  Now we want to send them there with no hope?  {Sigh}  Praying . . .

A Heavy Heart