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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

weeks 8 and 9-2251 weeks 8 and 9-2324 weeks 8 and 9-2418 weeks 8 and 9-22381.¬†My toughest subject. I am actually surprised there is an entry for this one each week so far! He’s got a love/hate relationship with mom’s camera.

2. Waking up with Rex

3. Many days I wish these little years away and in the same breath wish they would stay this little forever. They are the neediest during these years, but they are also the sweetest.

4. Newest little Bobcat

Things I love about this project:

  • I am capturing¬†so many more in-between moments. The moments that make up this life–not the moments created by me to make a pretty picture. LOVING that.
  • I am freezing these times forever. When I forget what it was like to have messy floors and toys littering every room of our house and baskets of laundry for days, I will have these to remember the fullness of this life. This crazy, lovely, blessed life.

Thing I am not loving about this project

  • It’s a lot of work! I’m pregnant and tired. The end result of documenting this year of life for each kiddo keeps me pressing on though, hopeful I can keep up.
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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

week seven 2015-2047 week seven 2015-2025-2week seven 2015-2034 week seven 2015-2228-2

1. Early morning wake-up call. There are driveways to shovel son.

2. Breakfast face

3. Banana face

4. Me, baby Williams, and one of my best friends!!!! So grateful for her visit and her friendship. (Photo credit: Balboa)

I have been sitting on these photos for two weeks now for two reasons. The first reason being that every time I have sat down to work on them I have promptly fallen asleep (thank you baby number four in my belly). The second reason being that I am just not getting excited about my photography work. Of course I love all the photos I take of my kids, cause my kids are awesome, but artistically speaking, I am just feeling blah with my photos.  I am however taking steps to get back in the game. Reading, researching, and a little soul-searching too. I think Spring is going to help tremendously. Any other photographers going through this during the winter months, or is it just me?

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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

Lumberjack Paul 2015-1329 red barn - weeks 5 and 6-1435 red barn - weeks 5 and 6-1438 red barn - weeks 5 and 6-1413

1. Getting into brother’s books. Always.

2.¬†A two-fer, cause I¬†just couldn’t decide. Standing behind the side-table to hide from / watch a show.

3. Much of the time I see the oldest during the week looks like this. He works hard and it pays off.

Lumberjack Paul 2015-1151 red barn - weeks 5 and 6-1396 red barn - weeks 5 and 6-1756Bonus 3|52, 4|52, and 5|52 of newest babe Williams


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Super Star

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0303

dear son-2

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0093


Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0107

mom and dad-2

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0283Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0286

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0297

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0304

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0251

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0249

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0248

Stephen 3 - Pumpkin Patch - leaves-0235

Any day that starts and ends with cupcakes is alright in¬†this boy’s¬†book. I guess that’s probably true for most of us! We had such a blast making¬†our little star’s day¬†super special. Woke him up¬†for star French toast with star candles and singing.¬† Stars hung from every surface and poked out of every cupcake, but he shone¬†the brightest of them all!¬†Just check out those smiles! Of course there were a few tears (would it really be a third birthday without them?), but dad was there to wipe them away. And it¬†wasn’t long before¬†he was¬†flying off to be super again. Remembering this day our son turned three, and loving how every. single. picture. turned out.¬† The expressions captured and close moments with family–priceless.


Super Star